Hello, I’m Akiterra. Just a name I kinda came up with back in high school when I used to play Diablo II and the name just kinda stuck with me so I just use it everywhere. Call me Aki if you like, or ‘Terra’, whatever works best (although I prefer Aki <(^.^)> ). That little chibi-Kirby-face thing is kinda my signature online since I always use with my name.

I’m probably what you consider a casual gamer nowadays. I played World of Warcraft for about four years and even raided “hardcore” for about two years total, which was fun but it stopped being fun when it started to feel like a second job and the drama involved in MMOs just wanted to make me slit my wrists. Stopped playing when Cata hit, came back and played for a few months afterwards, and then quit for good December 2010 (YAYS!). I’ve purposely avoided anything that even remotely resembles an MMO. Playing online with close friends or friends of friends is fine, I don’t want to deal like the anonymity that cause individuals to act like little children. Actually gave my wow account to a co-worker since they still play. No use letting it collect dust. I’m currently bouncing between Mega Man Battle Network 3 (white and blue versions for GBA), Plants Vs Zombies (DS & PC), Chrono Trigger (DS), Final Fantasy III (DS), and Mega Man Battle Network 5 (DS), Left For Dead 2 (PC), and Sims 3 (PC). I tend to play multiple games and will jump back and forth between them. I have trouble just playing one game at a time and finishing it before I move to something else. I just get bored easily and have to constantly have my mind doing something or I feel like I’m going crazy. But going back and replaying a game isn’t difficult since I’m also easily amused. Being both easily bored and easily amused makes my life interesting. <(^.^)> I also enjoy playing the ‘old-school’ games from the wonderful NES days. You know, when the games were actually pretty difficult and unforgiving. I enjoy the challenge so BRING IT BITCHES! <(^.^)>

If I had to choose one game, just one game to play for the rest of my life, it would be Chrono Trigger. It was one of the first RPGs I ever played as a child (the US release, which I dad picked up at a garage sale of all places) and I’ve been hooked ever since. I still have my old SNES cartridge and also have the DS release as well. I never got the PS release due to the fact I gave my PS2 away before I got it (never had time to play so, meh). The SNES release is still the best and will always be the best in my heart. ❤

I am sucker for all things cute and fuzzy, esp. cats and dogs (Bachelor’s in Animal Science :D) and have taken a liking to my “girly” side (I even traded my DSi for a baby pink DSLite – for the pinkness and GBA compatibility). Don’t be fooled by my sweetness; I can be bitch if provoked. >:D It doesn’t happen often but I’m being a bitch, then you’ve done something to deserve it. Once provoked, good Aki goes out the window and evil Aki comes out to play. Oh my that sounded really dirty… <(^.^)>

My blog, Diary of a Gamer Girl, is a sharing of my experiences as a female gamer and analysis from a female perspective. Whether the phrase is “gamer girl” or “girl gamer”, it all means the same to me. A girl who enjoys playing video games. I had to take a bit of a hiatus from my blog due to personal issues but I will try my hardest to bring somewhat interesting and informative to the table for all.  <(^.^)>

I am engaged to the Love of My Life, My Gaijin Goomba. Hi honey!! So, yeah. Go watch his show now if you haven’t!!! <(^.^)> Selfless advertisement. TEEHEE! ^v^


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