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Okay. Now that I have that out of my system, on to business! I sincerely apologize for not posting this sooner. Things are getting a bit hectic for me so the posting for Diary of a Gamer Girl will be moved to Tuesdays! Yay for new day! <(^.^)>

I know that this is a bit late seeing as the video I will be discussing was posted on 2/23/12, but I have been increasingly busy and have wanted to share my thoughts on this for some time.
As we all know, Game Theory’s installment on video game breasts attracted quite a bit of attention; this attention being both positive and negative. Throngs of dedicated fans praised Game Theory for their well-crafted humor on the subject while others did not praise them and were offended.

I personally found the video to be hilarious. Yes, I understand that it is an analysis of breasts in video games and all of the breasts are therefore, not real. I mean seriously, they are pixels. But the inspiration for the character designs must have come from somewhere.

Men, yes, you men reading this; you see a nice set of “hoo-has” and it’s very hard to not forget them, right? It’s not “childish” nor does it make you pathetic. It’s just the way you are hard-wired. Men like breasts; that’s just how they are. Some like big ta-tas while others prefer them a little smaller and some men prefer a big ba-dunka-dunk over large breasts. I am rather proud of my own breasts and don’t care for the chesticles of others, but I digress.

With technology quickly advancing and the market of video games growing exponentially over the past few years, more and more video games are being animated in a way to be more realistic. Blood, sweat, tears, emotions, explosions; every sound and visual angle plays with our senses and can make the game feel real. Well, if you are going to go to the extent of animating the above, why not develop a full physics system for the sole purpose of animating breasts? When done right, even I have to admit that they look very nice. I just want to give my thoughts on a few of the mentioned characters in the game s that were mentioned by Game Theory, in an attempt to help explain why breast animation exists.

Different methods have been used to recreate real life cans, “from painstakingly done key frame animation to crude physics models and, later, more detailed procedural physics systems that treated the breasts as soft objects of varying density rather than a set of points in space that simply flapped up and down when you repeatedly ducked and stood up in the game, over and over again” ( In early games, character models were painfully limited graphics-wise and resulted in blocky figures.

Less is most definitely not more in this case.

Game Theory described Lara Croft’s breasts as those that “just float there, three feet from her body” and her “love muffins never move…if she wanted she could probably prop herself on a ledge with those things.” I popped over to Wikipedia to read up a bit on the development of Lara Croft and found some pretty interesting stuff. The lead artist, Toby Gard, wanted to make the animation as real as possible. He sacrificed quick animations in favour of more fluid movement, believing that players would empathize with the character more easily.” Apparently her fun-bags were an accident. “The graphical limits at the time required the removal of the character’s braid from the model; it was added to the model for subsequent iterations.

While adjusting the character model, Gard accidentally increased the breasts’ dimensions by 150 percent. After seeing the increase, the rest of the creative team argued to keep the change.” ( Totally blew my mind. Gard begin this character model as a female because he wanted to “counter stereotypical female characters, which he has characterized as “bimbos” or “dominatrix” types. With the accidental enlargement of her breasts design, that failed and blew up in his face. The article later states that “Gard left Core Design after completing Tomb Raider, citing a lack of creative freedom and control over marketing decisions related to the ideas he developed (especially Lara Croft)”. I take this as; he wanted to create a strong female protagonist like Samus Aran, a character to be taken seriously. After accidently increasing the size of her knockers, Lara Croft became the stereotypical female character with big breasts. But this time she was the main character and you got to see her bounce and wiggle, as much as the limited polygons allowed, for as long as you wanted.

So why were the enlarged versions favored over the original design? Well, BOOBS. That really is your answer. When design a character for a game, or a show, or just a story, you create said character to be something that you most desire OR it is a way that you wish you yourself could be. It’s is an escape from reality, a fantasy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a body like Kasumi or Mai Shiranui? I wouldn’t mind it, except make my breasts just a little bit smaller please. I would still like to walk without the assistance of a cane or walker, thanks.

Oh yeah. Found ’em both in the same picture. Go me!! <(^.^)>

In The King of Fighters XIII, Mai Shiranui’s breasts really do move with her body and sag as if gravity does exist in game. I see it as an example of well-animated breasts. They move when she does, just like mine do. As for Kasumi from Dead or Alive (Beach Volleyball being the prime example), her breasts DO respond to her movements, they seem a bit over-exaggerated. They move way too much when she simply waves her hand or crouches down. In the following video, she does this cute little spin thing and instead of her boobs moving left to right, as a real rack would, they bounce up and down; and it just looks painful. Poor girl; it’s amazing that they haven’t bounced up and smacked her right in the face. Just watch the swimsuit change to see what I mean.

Now, I understand why over-exaggerated bouncing exists; it’s a male thing. These lovely round orbs are there to cater to the males but we are also starting to see some very nice, fan service targeted towards the females. I do understand why particular audiences are targeted which is why we continue to see big racks on female characters, but I want to see more games with some hot sweaty guys battling it out. Sweat and blood dripping from their rippling muscles, pants all tight…Hmm… Huh? Oh sorry… I got carried away….

 From the DeviantArt of RyuBbsXIII

(/naughty thoughts….I freaking LOVED this scene. I am such a Dante/Nero fan girl XD)

Okay, what was I talking about? Oh yeah. Boobs…Um… Boobs…. Crap what was I going to say? Finding that picture totally threw me off of my train of thought… And people want to say that men are sleazes for wanting to look at boobs. We women are JUST AS BAD, possibly worse. Anyway, I digressed…again.

GAH… Long winded, I know and I sincerely apologize if this seems a little chaotic. I’m just trying to help everyone understand that breasts are, well just BREASTS regardless of whether they are in a video game or not. The animation is there for the purpose of helping the game to sell to the target audience, and to bring more realism to the story. I honestly don’t want to see weird blocks for breasts on my female characters; it would make me question whether or not my breasts looked normal.


3 comments on “BOOBS!!

  1. You’re saying you understand the titty business, that it’s a “male thing”, but that’s basically just saying that you actually don’t understand it but just dismiss it as something you’re not supposed to undestand. Making an excuse for not understanding. Men don’t get to make that excuse, they just have to go with it or be ostracized, much like a female isn’t allowed to like video games. So they learn to claim they’re all into boobs and stuff, even though most people could live without ever seeing big CG breasts again in their life or never really got the appeal in the first place.

    It’s not a male thing. It’s not even a “man” thing. The appeal many people see in jiggle physics is something even you could learn to understand just the same, and knowing how many (male) people are effectively forced to do that, you might as well do so if only out of respect. Or out of curiosity. If you don’t know where to start that’s okay, you’re just starting from the same situation you yourself are dismissively putting many a male by handwaving it to be a “male thing”.


      Here’s Jim Sterling, who gets the idea. Yeah, it’s not actually sexy, it’s not supposed to be. It’s conceptually sexy. The difference is that it’s not important to personally get “titillated” for it, but just learn to say you think it sexy even if you don’t really feel that in your feeling-thing. “Sexy” in this case is just a sort of a meaningless buzzword. Jim is really unfair here, though, when he’s vilifying DOA fans and producers for being the perves that they actually arent in the first place. But that’s beside the point.

      What then do people look for in DOA if not titillation? Awesomeness. There’s this certain appeal about the overblown indulgement that is jiggle physics, and women should rather embrace it for themselves rather than dismiss it, partly because it’s actaully the girls who could potentially get the most fun out of it, way more than most men at least. That’s because a woman could do more than just admire the absurdity, she could indulge herself and actually relate to the characters by her female persona. Not many men have a female persona. Instead men get their Kratoses and Leonidas-es.

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