The Beginning

TL; DR           After hiding my gamer side all my life, I’ve finally come out the shadows and embraced the gaming community that I love.

As a female gamer, my early childhood was spent hiding my love for gaming from those outside of my family and from those who weren’t my closest friends. Come to think of it, I only had two really close friends and those same two girls played video game on occasion, just not as much as I had. I hid because boys were supposed to play video games. It was acceptable. Girls, well, we are supposed to play with Barbie dolls and make-up, and play dress-up and talk about their little boy crushes. Yeah, I did those things too; but I combined both gender activities. My Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers were the short boyfriends of my Barbies (I had very few Ken dolls) and then my Lego people were Barbie’s little pre-mature babies. Yes, weird I know but it kept me entertained.

I was labeled as a “tomboy” by my peers because I wasn’t interested in make-ups and boys; at least not until my middle teenage years. I just wanted to play my games. Due to this, I became somewhat isolated from my friends, especially when I moved in the sixth grade to a different town. I didn’t know anyone, the girls in my classes sure as hell didn’t play video games, and someone even started a rumor that I was a lesbian just because they heard me talking about video games. Really? Lesbian? Because I play video games? From then on I hid in the crowd, segregating myself from the rest of the female population.

It wasn’t until three years later, in the ninth grade that I openly expressed my love for gaming, which resulted in an increase in number of friendships with males and the departure of quite a few female friends who said things like, “I hate your guts; you know that?” Um… No. I didn’t know that. And yes, a girl did say those exact words to me. This girl whom I thought was one of my closest friends. Perhaps these girls did not like the fact that I can easily converse with males about video games and they are left in the dark. I apologize if this sounds like a “sob-story” and I am honestly not looking for pity or attention from the masses. I just want everyone to see where I am coming from as I begin this blog. Every day I see more and more girls “come out the woodwork”. Some of these girls had hid just as I did and I am absolutely thrilled about it.

The gender stereotype of video games being a boy-only activity has almost been erased. I am not trying to shun anyone (regardless of gender). I’m quite proud of being able to say that I enjoy video games without feeling ashamed as I had as a child. I can speak about gaming with the fear of being isolated from others. If you don’t like video games, we can talk about something else; just don’t automatically hate me because I have more in common with your boyfriend than you do.


Questions? Comments? Post below. Please refrain from any “trolling” remarks and save your hand strength for your masturbation session. <(^.^)>


4 comments on “The Beginning

  1. Interesting read, I never realised women were so mean about videogames… just go’s to prove the old adage, if you are yourself and they don’t like it, clearly they aren’t your real friend and you are better off knowing that!

  2. there is a girl i like and we are friends and we both like pokemon me more than her because im a nerd/geek or what ever you wanna call it and im proud of it

  3. Like it usually is with sexism, once again your biggest, foulest enemies actually happen to be of the same gender, not the other.

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