Gaijin Goomba

Gaijin Goomba has been a student of Japanese language, history, culture, economics, and social trends for well over eight years now. Two of those years were spent living in Japan working as an English teacher for high school students, an four months being a student in a Japanese college.  Japan is his thing.

Ever since returning from the land of the rising sun, G.G. has been hard at work taking his love of Japan and his love of gaming, and creating a brand new web show that uses gaming to teach about Japanese language and culture, comparing and contrasting Japanese and U.S. gaming culture, and even doing a little game theorizing.

His greatest love is his beautiful curvy goombette, Akiterra (Aki-chan), who has her own segment, “Diary of a Gamer Girl.”  His second love falls somewhere between his obsidian bladed katana and his personal jet-powered goomba’s shoe.

When he isn’t kicking evil ninja goomba butt or rambling on about Japan, G.G. spends most of his time noming his favorite foods; tempura, nigiri sushi, and edamame while goofing around with Nintendo consoles.

He greatly appreciates donations which go to the betterment of his content, but it is never required.


Gaijin Goomba’s Content:


Glad to meet you all, and welcome to!  Check out all our content!


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