Episode 3, Localization Part 1


I dive into Metorid: Other M, and discuss how even the smallest mistakes in the localization process can cripple an otherwise decent game.


One comment on “Episode 3, Localization Part 1

  1. To be honest, I remember games like Ar Tonelico being bashed at just because of the localization mistakes. And I am actually re-playing Final Fantasy VI, this time using a fan translation… it’s amazing how much got censored in the English localization.
    But it can also be done well: here in Portugal we got a really, REALLY good localization of Dragon Ball (and its sequels), where the translators and actors inserted tons of local references; I also understand that Dotto! Koni-chan has a very popular Latin-American dub. And while these are anime shows, I’m sure the same can apply to games (there are lots of people who appreciate the work of Ted Woolsey, for example).

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