Episode 4, Localization Part 2

In the second half of this episode, I take the opposite approach and talk about the effects of too MUCH localization.


One comment on “Episode 4, Localization Part 2

  1. You can really see the production values starting to rise. I especially like how you turned up the voice volume a bit over the music, it may seem minor but it helps. A LOT! (Also nice use of the white background, that was clever).
    And yes, it’s a pity that most “japanese culture-heavy” games are over localized, when many people would just prefer the “weird”, “bizarre” japanese references (again, I use the words “weird” and “bizarre” because that’s how that culture tends to appear to most the western world). Another game that comes to mind is “Muscle March” which I think got an US release, but I am unsure as to how they treated the localization.

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