Episode 5, Interviewing the Japan Side of Gaming

In this episode, I sit down with my Japanese gamer friend “Hutch”, and we discuss the questions YOU, the viewer, asked.


4 comments on “Episode 5, Interviewing the Japan Side of Gaming

  1. Hutch brings up some interesting aspects with the “man-to-game” relationship. I can’t help but think that this is somewhat derived from the WRPGs communities, but I may be biased, since most of my experience comes from Neverwinter Nights and NWN2 mods. But the main reason I bring up WRPGs is because, in most of these, you tend to have that “open world”-ness, that “Lego Block” experience you were talking about in the video. In these “open worlds”, it’s normally really easy to influence a player’s game experience with user-generated content.
    Say, for example, that the creators of the game made a cave where you fight a huge bear. This is in an open world, of course, so the player may never experience finding the cave and fighting the enemy… but then again, the player may find said cave and have a satisfying fight with the bear, only to discover the cave leads nowhere and there is no loot inside… oh well, carry on.
    BUT! suppose that another player, unhappy with the scenario, creates a mod that puts a chest at the end of the cave. Inside that chest there would be, say, a sword with reasonable stats. So you could fight the bear and get the sword afterwards, or just sneak around the bear to grab the loot. And imagine that another, unrelated player, downloads and installs the mod. He finds the cave; he fights the bear; he finds the chest… and behold, the sword inside is JUST what he needed for his character, and he proceeds to equip it and use it for a couple hours/days. Now he will have a much better experience than simply fighting the bear, searching the cave, moving on.
    Now this is a really simple, basic example, but I don’t wanna ramble on and I kinda lost my train of thought there. What I really wanted to ask was: I looked up the wiki and found out that “bohumei”, bob-omb’s japanese name, means “Bomb Soldier”… is there any reference that I’m missing or could this maybe be a dark reference to kamikaze / banzai charges? Or maybe suicide bombers?… or am I just over-analyzing or completely missing the point? (and I know this is a sensitive subject, but I don’t mean any offense)

  2. Hey. Sorry for double-posting, but I just realized I completely butchered the word. It’s actually “bomuhei” (bomb + soldier) and not “bohumei”… my bad.

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