Game Exchange: What’s In a Pokename?

For a Gloom, by any other name, would smell as …pungent… Let’s see what Japan calls their pokemon, and see if they are just as creative as some of their English names.


2 comments on “Game Exchange: What’s In a Pokename?

  1. Fushigibana… I know nothing of japanese, but isn’t “Ikebana” the arrange of flowers? maybe the “bana” part has the same meaning…

    I love that you decided to tackle pokémon names, reminds me of a post I made here some time agoa but I can’t seem to find it. It was about a pokemon named Rotom.

  2. You are correct sir! Bana is actually Hana = flower. Sometimes Japanese will change the pronunciation of certain words at certain times to make speaking easier. Think “y’all” in this circumstance.

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