Random Internet Encounters

A show where we interview random people on the internet.

Episode 1: Daniel Floyd
Episode 2: James Portnow
Episode 3: Norman Caruso Interview
Episode 4: Matthew Patrick Part 1
Episode 5: Matthew Patrick Part 2
Episode 6: Michael “Kayin” O’reilly, Part 1
Episode 7: Michael “Kayin” O’reilly, Part 2
Episode 8: Gaijin Goomba

What’s that? You want to be interviewed? You feel like you’re so awesome that you are practically ENTITLED to an interview? If I don’t give YOU of all people an interview it will be the biggest mistake I’ll ever make in my podcasting career? Well… that sounds a little bit egotistical to me… and egotists are the exact sort of people I like to talk to!

Shoot me an email at digressingandsidequesting@gmail.com


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